Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food? Find Now 2024!

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Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food? is what most people want to know when they have seen their cat hiding food. It is an enigma that is unresolved for many! You must have witnessed your precious cat scratching around and burying her food and could have thought she did not want to eat it or something else was wrong with her. But that is not the case, as there could be several reasons for her to do so.

Reasons why my cat tries to bury her food

If you want to know why my cat try to bury her food, you can dig into these reasons by reading this article.

Your cat tries to hide the smell of food:

One reason may be when my cat tries to bury her food for security. If your cat is trying to hide the food you have provided her with, that is because she wants to hide the smell of food. She does that purposefully, protecting herself from predators. Smelling the food, the cat’s presence is traceable by the predators, and they may pounce at her at any time. So, it’s a cat’s behavior to hide the smell for her security.

They are trying to protect the kittens:

If my cat try to bury her food, it can be for the security reasons of the kittens. If she is a cat with kittens, she will do it to protect her kittens. The predators tracing the smell of food can have the kittens within reach and might harm them. So, she buries the food to get rid of the predators, and their motherly instinct only makes them take action for their kittens’ safety.

They are cleaning their space:

My cat try to bury her food after eating some amount of the food, which means she is keeping her place clean. The cat’s innate quality or instinct makes her do so. Cats are found to be passionate about cleaning up and maintaining their space spotless, so when you catch them burying food, consider them to be cleaning their territory.

You are giving her food more than their needs:

If my cat try to bury her food, the reason could be serving the cat more than what is needed for it to eat; it will hide the food. You must have experienced this when you serve your cat food more than required. So instead of returning it or asking you to keep it, she will instinctively bury it. You can confirm this by providing them with less food next time according to their need and see if the situation gives you the expected results.

She is caching:

If you still wonder Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food? It could refer to her saving the food for later. My cat try to bury her food because cats have the habit of hiding the food or burying it, and one of the main reasons could also be their natural habit to keep it safe so they can devour it when hungry later.

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Do you feel the need to stop them from burying their food?

My cat try to bury her food, but it is not a matter to get yourself worried over. You must know that it is the cat’s innate quality that she cannot help but act upon. There are multiple reason for them to do this, such as hiding the leftover food to save themselves or the kitten from the presence of the predators, keeping their place clean, or hiding it as they cannot return it to their owner. The situation is not alarming, and you shouldn’t panic instead learn about it by reading some guide about cats.

How to stop them from burying the food:

If you still consider the reasons why my cat tries to bury her food, there are a few preventive steps to follow to make her stop scratching around or burying her food:

  • You can take the initiative by moving the food plate away from the cat to make them stop burying it.
  • One of the preventive steps would be letting her play with a toy so she doesn’t think about burying the leftover food in her bowl.
  • You can replace her food plate with a toy so that instead of hiding or burying the food, she will be distracted by the toy.
  • Do not give her more food than is required, as giving her extra food will make her scratch around and bury it.
  • Consult a vet even if, after taking all the cautionary steps, your cat still buries her food or tries to hide it; it might not be to her liking.


Here are some FAQs related to the query about my cat try to bury her food. They are as follows:

Why did my cat try to bury her food?

There are various reasons why my cat tries to bury her food or bury it for her security or the kittens from predators.

Is it a problem if my cat try to bury her food?

It is not a problem for the cat, as it is natural for her to do that instinctively.

Should I consult a Vet if my cat try to bury her food despite all the cautionary steps?

Yes, if you have taken all the steps to prevent your cat from scratching the ground and burying the food, consider consulting a vet to see if she has a problem with the food.


Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food? has been a riddle for the pet cat owner. If he wonders and ponders why my cat tries to bury her food, he should know that cats have the instinct to hide or bury their food. If you catch your cat doing so, it is because either she does not like the food and keeps her place clean or is hiding or burying the food for her or the kittens’ safety. You can take measures against this act and try to stop them, but there is nothing to worry about.

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