How Long Is Dry Cat Food Good for Consumption? Tips to Store It Right!

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As a cat owner, you are probably struggling to find a dry cat food good for your cats and fulfilling all their nutrient requirements. After researching, when you finally buy some supplies, you have a question: How Long Is Dry Cat Food Good for Consumption?

It seems an appropriate question when you want only good for your cat. Usually, the cat food remains good for consumption within 6 to 12 months of manufacturing if the bag is unopened. However, after opening, you need to serve your cat a good portion and finish it within 2 to 4 weeks. Afterward, it’s no longer suitable for consumption and has numerous risks.

How to Store Dry Cat Food Good?

Can you keep dry cat food good by storing it right? Yes, there are specific protocols of storing cat food to follow when you have sealed or opened packets of dry cat food in your pantry. Let’s check it out.

Store in a Cool & Dry Place

Having a stock of cat food in your house is good. It lets you have peace of mind as you do not have to rush to get the supplies. However, storing it in a cool, dry, dark place is essential.

Have you ever noticed that the cat food goods storage used in supermarkets and distribution centers is dark, dry, and cool? It’s to maintain a perfect temperature for the food and increase its shelf life.

Put it in Freezer

The real concern of How Long Is Dry Cat Food Good for consumption arises when you have an open cat food packet. It’s not possible to reseal the package with similar conditions. You might have a sealant but cannot remove air or moisture from the bag.

In this condition, putting the bag in the Freezer is better. It helps to keep the cat food good for quite some time. You can increase the consumption life of food from 4 weeks to 5 or sometimes 6 weeks. Ensure it will not come in contact with moisture in the Freezer.

Choose a Glass or Metal Container Over a Plastic

You use air-tight plastic containers to store dry cat food in good condition. Well, changing them to a metal or glass one is always a good option. Plastic material is prone to bacterial infestation. No matter how much you clean them, there are still chances of bacterial colonies. It can damage the food despite all your care.

Instead, using metallic and glass containers helps you keep the damage in control and avoid bacterial infestation. These containers are easy to clean and sanitize. Avoid removing the dry cat food from its original bag to keep the dry cat food good in the container.

Inspect The Packaging

When storing dry cat food, remember to check the packaging thoroughly. Ensure the package has no cuts, holes, or air leaks. It should be appropriately sealed. Any leaks in the package can cause air to pass and damage the food.

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Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad in the Bowl?

Dry cat food can go bad in the bowl if you leave it open for about 24 hours or more. It’s better to serve the portion your cat can eat at once. If there is a leftover, it’s better to reuse it within 24 hours.

If you want to keep the leftover dry cat food good for longer, cover it adequately and secure it in a cool and dry place. Avoid mixing the leftover dry cat food in the food packet.


For how long dry cat food can be consumed after opening?

The ideal time to consume dry cat food after opening is 2 to 4 weeks. Later than 4 weeks, you need to check if cat food is good before feeding your cat.

When it’s time to throw dry cat food?

If your pet leaves dry cat food uneaten in a bowl, throw it away after 24 hours. As for the open dry cat food packet, consume it within 14 to 21 days. Afterward, it’s time to throw it.

For how many days can you leave dry cat food in a bowl?

The leftover dry cat food in a bowl is good to consume for 24 hours. If it’s stinking or having bugs around earlier than 24 hours, do not feed it to your cat.

How to secure any leftover dry cat food in a bowl?

To keep dry cat food good that is leftover in a bowl make sure to cover it using a cling wrap and place it in a cool and dry area.


Knowing How Long Is Dry Cat Food Good Consumption is essential to feed your cat food good for its health. Also, ensure to store the food properly, enhancing its storage and consumption life. It helps you provide your cat quality diet enriched with all nutrients.


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