How Long Does Dry Cat Food Last? Unveiling the Truth

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Are you looking for healthy dry cat food options to feed your cat? If yes, you will look into nutrition, quality, serving, and food life factors. After the evaluation, it’s time to buy it.But the drill never ends here; now you have another concern: how long does dry cat food last?

Normally, cat dry food has a shelf life of several months to a year. However, after opening it, you must consume the package within six weeks and end up with a bowl serving within 24 hours.

Dry cat food kibbles are made of ground meat, dough, cereals, and vegetables. It has all the dry and wet ingredients heated and compressed in kibbles. The manufacturing treatment packs nutrients in the food that meet your cat’s growing needs. Moreover, it enables the food to be stored for a long time.

Can Dry Cat Food Be Stored Long Term?

Yes, you can store cat food but within its shelf life. Since it’s a formula and compressed food, it does have some limitations. No matter if you try hard to store it for longer than its expiry, it will be a threat to your cat.

After expiry, the cat food becomes stale, loses nutrients, and even has molds that can risk your cat’s health and cause reactions. The best way to store it for a long time is to buy a cat food package having a long due expiry so you can store it at home as it is.

However, after opening the package, you need to make specific arrangements to store it well until complete consumption.

How to Store Dry Cat Food Long Term?

Do you need help storing your dry cat food for a long time at home? Here are some processes and tips to keep your cat food fresh and stored safely for a long time. These simple yet effective storage tips help you keep the food intact and all of its nutrients packed.

Select the best-packaged food option.

When buying cat food, looking out for a well-packed product is essential. Check the packaging quality to see if it’s airtight, durable, sustainable, and long-lasting. Resealable packaging is always a good idea.

The quality packaging ensures that cat food is in good condition even after all its distribution procedures. Moreover, it will be good even after opening.

Pick up the right portion size.

Never pick up more than what you need. Commonly, we buy bigger packages because they save cost, but you need help here. When you buy a larger cat food package, you have to feed it to your cat within 6 weeks after opening.

For a single or young cat, it’s impossible to finish that much food at short notice. Eventually, you will be wasting the rest of your food. The best way is to pick up a small portion and finish it in the given timeline.

Check the expiry and storage details.

Every cat food brand has its formulation, expiry, and storage conditions; consider all these factors when purchasing. Focusing on these details will help you buy and store the best product nicely at home.

Do not remove it from the original bag.

To store the open cat food packet, it’s perfect not to remove it from its original bag or box. It will help avoid any air contact with the food, so store it in an airtight container and place it in a dry and dark space. It’s better to follow FDA storage guidelines for better results.

Serve what’s needed

Consider serving sizes when concerned about storing your dry cat food and saving it from molding. Never serve your cat more than its needs. The food you will put in the bowl should be enough for one time.

Any leftover is only good for the next 24 hours; afterward, it will mold, attract bugs and even smell bad.

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Does Cat Food Expire?

Cat food has an expiry or shelf life like any other packaged food option. Though, every brand has different expiry limits mentioned on the packages.

You need to read the expiry details when purchasing the food; by doing so, you will know how long dry cat food lasts.


How to check if cat food is rotten?

The process is simple, sniff the food; if it smells bad, do not feed it to your cat. No matter if it hasn’t reached the cap of 24 hours yet, a change in smell is a red flag for you. Another indication of bad cat food is molding or bug infestation.

Can cats eat stale, dry cat food?

Sometimes cats need help identifying whether the dry food is fresh or stale. They can consume it, but it will also result in reactions, sickness, or allergies.

Can I mix dry and wet cat food?

You can mix dry and wet cat food; many cats enjoy the combination as it adds variety to their diet. Be sure to follow the feeding guidelines on the food packaging when mixing up dry and wet cat food options. It will help you give your cat the right amount of food and nutrients in a meal.


Dry cat food is a convenient food option to feed your cats; it’s processed and lasts longer than wet cat food options. However, before buying it, you must determine how long dry cat food lasts.

Normally, it comes with a manufacturer expiry ranging from a few months to a year. However, after opening a packet, consuming the food within 6 weeks is essential to avoid molding, bad smell, or stale taste.

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