Does Wet Food Cause Diarrhea In Cats? Find the Reasons Now

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Does Wet Food Cause Diarrhea In Cats? The answer is no, but that is not the case. Cats are picky in their diet and need extra care in this regard. They have a particular requirement for food, and giving them food that they cannot digest properly will cause Diarrhea in cats, whether it is dry or wet cat food. Wet food contains meat, and dry food includes grains. But feeding the cat too much-wet food will cause poor digestion and upset stomach, leading to diarrhea. Both foods are essential to maintain the sound health of the cat.

Wet cat food and its benefits:

  • Among cat owners worldwide, moist cat food is popular to feed the cat on. The wet cat food, either packed in plastic bags or it is canned, contains moisture in a higher percentage than the cat food, which is dry.
  • The moist cat food is commercially made and provided to cat owners in cans. It comes in different textures and flavours, suiting the taste buds of the cats pleasing them and maintaining their health. Wet cat food is a good source of hydration the cats need, which they cannot drive from dry cat food.
  • Cats naturally have a thirst drive that needs to quench with a suitable amount of water in the moist cat food as it is impossible to have it all through the water they drink.

Some common reasons for cats’ diarrhea:

It is also possible that the moist cat food you feed your cat is not the only reason your cat has a sudden upset stomach. There might be other reasons involved in it as:

Change in the cats’ diet:

One thing that can give your cat diarrhea is a change in diet. You might have been your cat with dry food before ever trying moist cat food. Now that you feed it to the cat, it cannot digest it properly and suffers from diarrhea. You never have to switch your cat’s diet suddenly; instead, you should introduce small amounts of dry and wet food in balance to let them stay healthy and enjoy food.

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Intolerance of food:

Does Wet Food Cause Diarrhea In Cats? Many cats have suffered from diarrhea as an allergic reaction to the ingredients. Whether it is dry food or wet, some elements can cause severe or slight diarrhea in response to an allergic reaction to the food the cat has just fed on. It may be because carbohydrates are significant in the food, which the cats have yet to learn to process efficiently. This carbohydrate intolerance can be a problem for the cats to digest well. Reducing the amount in their diet can prove to be beneficial for cats’ health.


Cats prey on different animals and birds they like. While preying on them, they might pick up worms and parasites that can enter their stomach, upsetting them. It is also possible that drinking water from the dirty ponds and puddles has given them worms causing diarrhea in cats. Or they could have these worms from the ground stuck in their paws to reach their stomach. You can resolve this issue by being extra careful about your cat’s diet and clean environment. Let your cat eat a clean diet from clean bowls, and give them hygienic water to drink.


Spoiled food:

As the cats are pretty picky in their eating habits, if you give them spoiled food without checking it before feeding them, they will not be able to digest it. Stale or rotten food will provide them with diarrhea causing trouble for them and you. Even if the food is leftover, you cannot feed it to the cat after a while. Check the cat food, whether dry or wet, and whether it is fresh or canned, before serving it to the cat to avoid their sickness due to diarrhea. If you observe any change in color, smell, or texture, do not feed it to your pet.

Some other reasons for diarrhea in cats:


There are some other reasons for causing diarrhea in cats which are essential for a cat owner to be aware of:

  • Changing the brand of the cat food can cause diarrhea in the cats.
  • Feeding the cats with low-quality food can also lead to diarrhea.
  • If the food is not correctly fresh, it will give way to causing diarrhea.
  • Having a foreign object by chance can also be the reason for this problem.


Here are some FAQs related to the cats’ diarrhea that must be known to all pet cat owners.

Does wet pet cat food cause diarrhea in cats?

No, wet food for cats does not give them diarrhea; if the cats are sensitive to wet food, you should not give it to them suddenly.

What to feed the cats who have diarrhea?

when the cats have diarrhea, they are unable to have their regular diet.  You can give them  boiled chicken shreds and rice to feed on in this condition until they get well.

Can changing cat food give them diarrhea?

Yes, the sudden switch in cat food can make them suffer from diarrhea. To avoid this situation, it is better for you to add little amounts of different foods in their daily diet.

Can leftover food cause cats to have diarrhea?

The leftover food kept at room temperature for too long can cause diarrhea in them. So, you should always give them fresh food to eat.


Does Wet Food Cause Diarrhea In Cats? Cats owners worry when their pet cats have diarrhea, which they think is due to the wet food they have fed it. But many reasons can cause diarrhea in cats, such as low-quality food, food intolerance, changing the diet, parasites in their water or food, food that is not well cooked, or changing the brand. Diarrhea in cats is common and curable; you can take the help of a vet to treat it.

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