Why Do Dogs Bring Their Food To The Carpet? Learn Now

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Want to know why do dogs bring their food to the carpet? No worries. The simple answer to this question is that different dogs have different preferences and personalities. In most cases, some dogs take their food to the carpet in order to isolate themselves from the rest, especially when you have many of them. Therefore, the only remedy to this is to ensure that your dog feeds separately from each other.

Usually, the behavior of your dog bringing her food to the carpet is based on instinctual behavior like marking the territory, gaining familiarity or even seeking comfortability. Therefore, understanding the main reasons why your dog behaves so will help you to get the insight towards your dog’s behaviour which in turn will enable you to create a conducive eating environment.

Reasons Why Dogs Brings Their Food To The Carpet?

There are a number of reasons as to why dogs bring their food to the carpet. Some of these reasons are explained below.

  •  For privacy purposes.

Most of the dogs prefer eating their food when they are alone. Some even believe that they can be comfortable when they are away from others. The dog owners with cats also will make the dogs eat away from the cats. This makes them feel safe and can concentrate on their meals comfortably.

  •   Noise

When some dogs are eating from the bowls, there is a sound that is produced which makes the dog uncomfortable and therefore decides to bring their food to the carpet. Therefore, the carpet to most of the dogs becomes the best and coolest place for their meals. You can remember to swap and cover the metal bowl with a paper plate which will help to eradicate any noise hence preventing your carpet from dog food stains.

  •  Instinctual Behaviour

You should notice that when dogs bring their food to his carpet, this is a general instinctual behavior. Research indicates that when any dog finds food, it does not settle in one place but keeps dragging his or her meal away from others and to the safest place. Therefore, for their comfortability purposes, dogs bring their food to the carpet in order to enjoy. Sometimes, this does not happen to dogs but also to even other wild animals.

  • For Fun

Like any other kids who will have fun whenever they are playing, likewise it happens to dogs. Dogs bring their food to the carpet in order to fill their mouth, spitting them out and even cleaning up the mess. Dogs also have fun whenever their humans smile, laugh or even discuss and point out any strange things which they do when having food.

  •  For Submission

Some dogs bring their food to the carpet especially when others are eating. This happens when the dog owners have big dogs. Usually dogs have a dominant canine which results from pack mentality. Other dogs  behave like an odd one out especially those that like eating while others take their food to the carpet.

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Why Do Dogs Bring Their Food To The Carpet In Particular?

When dogs bring their food to the carpet might be looking for warmth or even want to eat from a soft place. Generally, dogs have a strong sense of smell which sometimes might irritate them and therefore finding the carpet as the most appropriate place for them. In addition, dogs bring their food to the carpet because of the smell or even taste.

How Do You Prevent Your Dog From Bringing Their Food To The Carpet?

Below are some ways in which you can prevent your dog from bringing their food to the carpet.

  • Shut the entrance door to the carpet

This is the easiest way to prevent your dog from bringing their food to the carpet. Shutting the door prevents your dog from accessing the entire carpet area and hence forgetting it as time goes by. By doing this you will realize that the dog starts behaving by eating from the main bowl.

  • Use a different dog food bowl

Continued usage of the same food bowl might make your dogs bring their food to the carpet. The bowl develops a smell that can irritate your dog during meal time. Therefore, to prevent this you are required to use various dog bowls that have a different material or even color so as to observe the response of your dog.

  • Investigate whether your dog needs privacy

Try and watch your dog especially when it’s eating and find out why it normally carries his food away to the carpet. You might even find that your dog requires privacy and needs to be alone. When such arises, you can try to put his food bowl in a place where other family members are eating. Some dogs love and enjoy eating where there are a large number of family members. Usually most of the dogs feel isolated and these make dogs bring their food to the carpet.

  • Try and replace the dog’s food

Slowly by slowly try as much as you can in replacing the dog’s food with something heavy which it may not be able to move from one point to another. Those dogs with delicate digestive problems may have stomach problems especially when you change their diet. If you can’t replace it then your dogs bring their food to the carpet.


 Why do dogs take a mouthful of food and eat it somewhere else?

Since pack mentality is one of the reasons for dogs eating their food in their bowl that is not enough. Other reasons may include; loneliness.

  Why do dogs throw their food on the floor?

Usually dogs throw their food on the floor simply for two main reasons; the dogs don’t like the taste of the food or they are bored of playing.

 Should I take my dog’s food away if he doesn’t eat it?

Yes you can take it away after ten minutes in case your dog doesn’t eat so as to enable clearing the idea of mealtime.


Still wondering why do dogs bring their food to the carpet? I hope the answer is no. After reading this article, you now have the insight on the reasons why it behaves so and the ways you can use to prevent your dog from bringing their food to the carpet.



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